" Si nous voulons donner une valeur à notre existence,

il faut viser un but qui nous dépasse

et devenir chaque jour une créature réellement nouvelle. "

R. Nachman de Breslav

Welcome to the Website of " La Boutique des Anges "

Welcome to the Website of " La Boutique des Anges "

" La Boutique des Anges " was born June 4th 1996.

The first boutique in France specialised in Angels.

" La Boutique des Anges " is a veritable monument to all things angelic, which has attracted the attention of clients from all over the world.

" La Boutique des Anges " offers everything one needs  to create a bit of heaven

Come to Paris and spend a little time with us. « La Boutique des Anges » is located in Montmartre on the way to the most famous Sacré-Coeur, one of the seven most visited monuments of France. Stop at the metro station « Abbesses », here you are, rue Yvonne Le Tac, here we are « La Boutique des Anges  », N°2.

Paris is none of  your plans yet, nevermind, stay with us and look through our internet site. Let us dream together of a wonderful and perfect world!

Take off with the Angels

Take off with « La Boutique des Anges  »